Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a nice way to spend a day

Isn't it pretty?

Blackdown Tablelands. About 40 minutes from our little flat town is this beautiful national park, full of waterfalls, walking tracks and Aboriginal art. We drove the 30 odd kilometers off the highway and didn't see a single car. Thats my kind of driving.

Michael took James for a little walk down to the water while I fed Charlie his lunch and changed his smelly pants. Fine with me, Michael is the fit one not me!

Charlie still enjoying his lunch, can you tell?

James asking Daddy which track we were going on.

Yes we are good Queenslanders and James of course was ready to go in his thongs!

The boys love going there and I know why, its no where near as hot as in town and there is so much to look at. The boys often ask if we could go to the 'bushes'
We haven't been for so long, it was nice to get out of town, Michael had a great idea while we were there about taking a family holiday, it didn't take much to convince me, were off to 1770 to spend a week in a camper trailer in July, the only time I'm happy to camp in Queensland, when its meant to be winter!

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