Saturday, March 13, 2010

No favorites but....

Its hard not to take so many photo's of my gorgeous little man, its not that I don't love the older boys they are old enough to move away and have had years of me trying to take a billion photos of them. They are probably just so sick of me with the camera!
So while Charlie is still little before he can escape from me I will be as snap happy as possible!
Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Having a lovely bath

Yep its almost bedtime, that's why my eyes are hanging out of my head mumma!

Fast asleep. Am loking into buying some new cot bumpers.

At the park watching the big boys play, munching on my rusk. can you tell where we live it'sd not cold yet?

I will strive this week to get a good photo or two of the big boys, if i can strap them down!


  1. Im the same! I was so aware of making sure I took photos of Elyssa as a baby because everyone says you don't take as many of your second as your first. Well, I have accidently taken about twice as many as I ever took of Chloe and thats saying something!

  2. Also he is huge compared to Elyssa! I thought she had caught up a bit. Yes Im one of those people that comment on how big babies are lol. He is just gorgeous!!! All your boys are spunks

  3. Thanks Shell!
    He most definatly is huge! My sister calls him the tank. There was a pretty big size difference between them from birth though, so Ely has a lot to try to catch up on!


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