Friday, March 19, 2010

Charlie, has it been 6 months already really?

I have been dealing with a almost crawling baby, because yes he is 6 months old. So unbelievably rude that he got here already!
In our house the carpet is reffered to as 'industrial' obviously designed for miners boots and the crud that comes off them. Not designed for my poor little man's knees,or face. So I bought this click together mat stuff, I wanted to buy one when Jack was little, pfft it's only taken me 4 years or so to finally get it!
As you can see Charlie likes to chew on the edge and really I dont care to much. It was only cheap. It far softer than the carpet and he can move around on it pretty well.

Jack has been teaching James the letters of the alphabet, this kid is going to be a good teacher (or a good dad) one day, Jack is so patient and repeats things his teacher says perfectly. I read him his bedtime story the other day and he said "Ok Mum now were going to talk about the main characters" cracked me up but made me a little sad. It reminded me of the soft book that he used to bring to me 15 times a day when he was 12 months old. Anyway!

Yep he got there all by himself, he can also get from here to sitting on his bum, I dont want him to crawl, but I don't think it will be too far away. he drags himself towards toys and his brothers. Wont be long and I'll be putting up gates in the kitchen, so not looking forward to that!

James has been the boss of Charlie while Jack's at school, and he was yelling at him for trying to rip up the letter X, poor baby will get teeth eventually and then hopefully he'll stop chewing on everything!

I dont know about anyone else but this pram cover creeps me out, it zips on to the front, has a very strong clip on the side so absolutly no water will get in.  Poor Charlie looked like he was trying to escape!

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