Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top draw or trap door??

Well this week's theme over at hello owl for My Place and Yours is Top draw. I dont have many draws in our house that are mine, and I wasn't ready to stylise my bed side table draw like Dani so bathroom draw it is!

I admit I reorganised it a little, and chucked out some junk. It was becoming a dumping ground for everything.

Bottom left: Deoderant, many different types of deoderant although you can really only see the nivea. I found after having a baby I stink far more than before and have yet to find a deoderant that works for me, sigh, if I had the money I would get botoxed armpits regularly to stop the smell. Also hairbrush that I dont really use at the moment with my short hair.
Bottom middle: Perfume Happy to be!  by Clinique, very summery and a lovely Christmas gift from my favorite sister, she always buys the best stuff for me! next to it is my collection of hair products, one to make your hair shiney and straight, one to stop frizz, one to hold it very stiff, one to make it spike perfectly. What too much?
Bottom Right: Face stuff, foundation, rouge, powder. Doesn't get used anywhere near as much as it would have 5 years ago, I was the girl that never left the house with out make up and heels, to the point that the tendons in the back of my legs actually shortened from wearing heels all the time and it hurt to wear flats.
Top Right: Maternity pads, oh the joys of having children, they call them goodnights to make them sound less horendous, but they aren't. A nesessity in my life after stopping breastfeeding.
Middle: My collection of mascara and favorite lips. Maybe more than I really need. Mascara should be thrown away after 6 months, my teacher would be horrified to know how long I've had some of my makeup.
Top Middle: My favorite cheap jewellery love from Diva, chunky bangle, chunky earrings.
Top Left: Travel size things leftover from my last trip to hospital (when Charlie was born), body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deoderant. Under it is my face cream, yes I am 26 but still use clean and clear for teenagers, with my oily welsh skin I dont need much moisturising. Thanks for that Dad : )

And here is where it all lives. I didn't realise how grubby my bathroom mirror is! Might go and clean it right now!

If you'd like to play along and share your top draw head over to hello owl


  1. Your hair products sound very familiar....naturally curly hair? I got mine chopped off very drastically. Now it is only about half an inch long so no more hair products, brushes, combs and the daily battle to tame my hair.

  2. Hehe... My mum has dead straight hair my dad has beautiful ringlets, I unfortunatly am in between, doesn't sit and is frizzy!
    Its only about 1-2 inch at the back but a bit longer at the front. So much easier with kids!


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