Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Name is Kate and I'm...

Addicted to buying clothes for my children!

Charlie watching me tip his clothes everywhere

I had enough this week. After trying to put a 0000 singlet on my 0 size baby I knew it was time to sort out his clothes.

I'm not sure why this child needs this many sets of clothes. Does any 6 month old need 3 sets of swimmers? 
Although they are cute in the pool in their little boardies, but really?
His clothes were a complete mess, I try to organise his draws into sizes, but there was stuff everywhere, it was just making my life difficult!

I must admit this isnt all of his clothes, there was 3 loads of washing on the line and a load in the machine the day I took these pics. So at least 1/4 of that was his!

All organised! Shirts, suits, sizes, singlets, socks. Love it!

The reasonably small amount of stuff that went to the vinnies bin, mostly singlets!

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  1. I'd like to join the club. We have an insane amount of children's clothing and I have a hard time parting with it. Having 4 boys, I keep telling myself to hang on to things for the next one. My eldest is almost 8 and my youngest is 15 months - the baby is still wearing clothes that belonged to my eldest at that age!!!

    We don't have alot of space anymore, so I've had to be ruthless and give away the baby boy clothes(since I'm expecting a baby girl this time so I've bought probably double what I've given away in pink!).


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