Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend, oh how I love you!

Couldn't you just eat him up?

We are having a very quiet home weekend and I'm loving it. I was meant to go out on the town last night with the playgroup girls, and to a tupperware party today but with Michael being acting supervisor (his words not mine) for 2 weeks while his boss is away he's at work Monday to Friday 6am-7pm and Jack at school all week as well I just wanted to hang around at home with my boys, I think the stormy weather courtesy of Cyclone Ului hasn't helped. Just makes me want to curl up on the lounge with a good movie and a cup of tea.

We reorganised the big boys room today not much but just enough to make it more roomy for them. Took out Charlie's chest of draws and put them in our room, makes all of Charlie's stuff fit much better. Will have to take some photos. I organised the toys again, it's such an annoying job but I'm always happier once it's done.
Anyway we started our weekend on Friday, why? Because we could. The boys and I had some fun outside before Michael bunked off work at 5pm, yes leaving at 5pm is early on a Friday. 

James driving his car's on the kids table. It was so quiet the boys were all playing by themselves. It was nice to watch.

Jack figured out how to use the brake on James trike and was trying to stop himself running into the clothesline. Kept me laughing for hours.

I had a little bit of housework to get done before we went to get Michael so the boys decided to help.

Jack was a great help, he loves to vacum, cracks me up. He even vacummed under the lounge, Michael doesn't even do that!

James on the other hand got a little side tracked with the TV, and stood still and pushed and pulled the vacum back and forward. I love this kid.

I love a quiet weekend, now were going to watch the footy, feed the boys, bath them and then I've convinced Michael to watch The Reader with me. Best weekend we've had for ages.

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