Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fun

Today before we put Michael on the bus to go back to work we took the two little boys for a picnic lunch and a little walk through a rainforest. Have I mentioned how glad I am that we moved? Tomorrow were off to the beach, then Sunday to the markets. I know what a hard way to spend the weekend right? 

One day I will have that many dairy cows. For now I am happy to get to drive through moo cow country, reminds me of home with the rolling hills. We used to go for a drive up here when we had one little boy and one on the way, how things have changed in 5 years!

Lunch was Hungarian salami, ham, tomato's, avocado and cheese on fresh bread rolls. Yep they were as good as they look. 

Now Michael is 30 he has a thermos. I love that he has become sensible and practical, well apart from buying a boat, but that's another post entirely.

James had a little cup of tea with us, all our kids love a cup of tea. I love that. 
I'm finding four is such a nice age where everything is exciting and going for a walk through a rainforest looking for dinosaurs is a great way to spend a day. (Note: He does know that dinosaurs are extinct but it's still fun to try to find one hey?)

James was the leader on our walk, he was showing us all the cool trees and bugs. Charlie said wow a lot. 

Up there is sunshine I know it. 

We went to the sky walk to check out the view. On the horizon is the ocean, seriously pretty. If we didn't have to pick up Jack from school we could have stayed so much longer.

Although we didn't find any dinosaurs we did find the turtles. I have a feeling Santa may be bringing James one (or two) for Christmas, he absolutely loved them. Even Charlie was quiet for a little while so we could stand and look at them bobbing around in the water, on the way out Michael taught him to say turtle, is there anything better than when your small person learns a new word? 


  1. Sounds like such a great day!

  2. Those sandies look great! And your day looks like it was perfectly relaxing, and just the family time you need!

  3. Oh my goodness so tasty! I have had one every day for unch this week, obviously its what the baby likes : ) I can only use that excuse for a little longer!


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