Monday, September 19, 2011

My Place and Yours

Every Monday I'll post a new theme for you to rack your brain with, take some photos then blog about it, when your done come back and add your link down the bottom so we can all have a sticky beak. Sounds good right?

What do you eat off? Do you live in miss-matched heaven like us or do you have a whole setting?

Dani and I were talking about this on Saturday, she is buying all new matching stuff, and I am quite envious. It may be time for me to do the same thing, it would be nice to have a full matching set. The white one we have we bought when we were getting married, it's getting a bit old and battered now, so get snapping and show me yours!


  1. Ours all matches. It's just the chips in the edges that make them different. Wedding china, you see. Some thoughtful guests got together and hooked us up, plate wise. All black, white and grey. They must know me or something.

  2. Ooh sounds pretty! I've been eyeing off some red spotty ones. Not sure if hubby will agree. Meh.


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