Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Husband has left me...

....for his new love. A shiny metal motorised new love. 

When we first started talking about Michael taking this job one of the first things he wanted to do was get another boat, we've been here for just over two months and here she is, he doesn't muck around this man. 
I joked with him about him getting the boat as long as I could go away for the weekend. (I'm fairly sure he would have got it even if hadn't gone anywhere)

So today he is getting his boat license so he can actually drive it all by himself, I promised him I'd go on it. At least once, and it appears tomorrow is the day. He has a picnic all organised and a plan of where were going. I'm just hoping not to vomit. I don't do so well on things that move. In fact I still get car sick if I have to read the GPS or talk to Charlie in the back for too long. I'm not holding out much hope, but I'm putting on my good wife hat and sucking it up just for one day. For this I expect him to name the boat after me. 'Kates misery' or something like that.

One of the good things about him getting a new toy is now every time I want something he tells me to go for it, after all he got a boat I can buy some new things now and then, we'll be paying it off for five years. That means for five years I have an excuse to buy pretty much anything I want. In the next five years I'll turn thirty and I've requested to have a little 'panel work' done, boobs and tummy tuck here I come! 


  1. Commiserations on becoming a Tinny Widow, feeling your pain.

  2. A tinny widow I'll have to tell him that one ; ) This is the second boat he's had since we were married so I guess I knew what was coming. Luckily the boys love it and want to go with him!


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