Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday Time!

Today my baby boy turns two, now he's having a well earned afternoon nap after a jam packed day. Leaving me some quiet time with my camera and my computer. Can't complain about that kind of Saturday can you?

 Although turning two doesn't actually mean anything to my littlest man Charlie he still gets to enjoy a special day, starting with birthday breakfast. Mmm... birthday breakfast.

Presents were all gathered, big brothers told to back off and let Charlie open them all by himself. So difficult for little hands that wish to touch everything!

Beautiful boy appreciating his new books. 

Snot and all I think he's adorable. Modeling his new backpack.

Jack and James so wanted to play with Charlie's farm animals, but I have a no sharing rule on your birthday. Just for one day you get to play with all your own things without having to fight over anything or have to share, it's all yours. 

After breakfast and presents we took the boys to the park so Charlie could try out his new scooter, he did OK too with some lessons from his brother, thanks James.

With the beach so close we ducked down to try out the new sand castle making tools, I think we were the only people on the beach. I'm looking forward to the school holidays when we can do this more often. 

Easy cake, green coconut icing and some farm animals courtesy of Charlie's new present.  Next year it will be a production but for now as long as there's cake he doesn't care what it looks like. 

Happy Birthday to my cheeky mischief making little man. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Charlie! And I love that birthday rule.

  2. looked like a fabulous day had by all, love the photos x

  3. Naw. Looks like a fun day. And yes, snot and all, he's adorable. Happy Birthday little dude!! :D

  4. Thanks everyone it was a nice day, pity we had to put Michael on the bus at 3.30 though!
    It is a great Birthday rule Mrs BC pity my hubby is far to soft and told the big boys to play with him but not get in his way! Oh well. I tried!


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