Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 26. 
This week baby #4 is the size of a eggplant, when I announced I was pregnant he was only the size of a green olive. 

Time is flying by far to quickly.
My only pregnancy complaints are a mild case of heartburn and I'm starting to sound like an old man when I get up because the bump is getting in my way, this has been by far my easiest pregnancy. 
I do need an afternoon nap more often than usual, but I feel really good otherwise. Were still no closer to picking a name than we were at 18 weeks when we found out he was a boy. Poor kid, by this stage James and Charlie both had a name! 
We have a room for #4 but it is full of Jack's new loft bed and unpacked boxes, there is a cot in there and his change table but really I've done pretty badly with the shopping and preparation. I've bought a selection of clothes but can't decided still what theme to do the nursery, we have a car seat for him and I've decided on a pram but I still haven't bought it yet. The next few weeks I am devoting to getting this boys room ready before its Christmas.

Why hello there! I'm sure I used to have feet. 

I'm going to book into the hospital next week, I have to take the boys with me as Michael is working and it's school holidays so I will have all three. I may have to bribe them with a special lunch afterwards. It's going to be a long appointment with lot of paper work, better not forget the pram that day! 

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  1. Looking beautiful!

    Do tell us about your pram choice :)


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