Monday, August 29, 2011

My insurance does not cover PMS!

I drive a Tarago.
It has 4 cylinders and 8 seats. It has 'awesome' graphics.
Its not a fast machine but it's practical for us for now.

When my small people leave home I will buy a ridiculous car, then put the grand kids in it. (Am I jumping the gun a little?)
Anyway after almost three years in a sleepy mining town moving back to a busy place has been fabulous, but the traffic bugs me.
The Tarago has a back bumper which Michael tells me is for trolleys in car parks and so people can't reverse into it. How you could reverse and not see my tank is beyond me, but anyway.
Shopping after school is always a busy time but when I am trying to reverse out of a car spot with a 4WD next to me blocking my view of all on coming traffic and you have to swerve on to the opposite side of the carpark to get around me it would probably be easier to just stop and let me reverse, yes?
Today after about 8 people did this I had a flash of Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You, when she reverses in to the jerk behind her. I remembered we had the back bumper and for a second I was tempted to pull out in front of everyone and be on my merry way.

Pregnancy is covered by insurance isn't it? 


  1. I am completely in touch with that emotion. COMPLETELY.

  2. I'm so glad someone else gets it. There's just no need to be rude in carparks. Now I sound like an old lady!

  3. Ha, coming from Sydney I have had my share of carpark moments. I am normlly a quiet, well mannered person. My boss was shocked when I told him two stories, one about reversing out of a parking spot hand slammed on the horn, as no one was letting me out and I had had enough.

    the other someone was trying to get into a parking spot I was sitting ahead of indicating to reverse into. when someone drove up and went to pull in, I chucked my car in reverse and hand on the horn again, reversed into the spot, aking the other car get out of my way, I drive small cars for a reason, easier and quicker to park.

    Don't mess with me and my parking spots!!!

  4. You need that reversing beeping sound love! Carparks and their spaces have been sent to test us. May your carparking dealings in the future be kind to you!

  5. hahah if I had a bullbar like that on my car I would of wanted to give them a little nugde too! I hate carparks and my hubby always complains that we drive to walk to the shops as I like to plan my parks :)
    Hayley x


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