Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!

I left my boys and their Daddy on the weekend and flew to Brisvegas for 24hrs to finally meet and hang out with some lovely ladies, like Suger who not only picked me up, she also dropped me off at the airport, and Danielle who let me have her spare room. Rockstars these ladies, only bloggers would do such nice things for another blogger they have never met before, thanks lovelies. 
I of course forgot my camera but thankfully there were a few others there with their beautiful cameras so I'm stealing photos from Sugers flickr. Thank you Suger.

On the way to the train station with Hayley and Zoe  (taking the pic) Don't we look cool? We sat at the train station where we met up with Amy and all giggled like school girls.

Me and the lovely Suger, and a few straws. I had a seriously yummy mocktail called something like Steddy Eddy. It was lychees crushed ice and sugar syrup. So good but I wanted to try all the cocktails on the list. They looked so good, only 15 weeks to go and I'm ordering a cocktail from the labour ward.

I love this photo. The beautiful Sheri and Dani doing a good job of photo bombing. Sheri has some seriously beautiful amazing tattoos and I want them all especially those kick ass stockings up the back of her legs. 

Suger, me and Danielle who was kind enough to share her picture with me. 

Dinner was at Garuva which was a very funky hidden restaurant in Fortitude Valley. Our dinner was served so quick and was so yummy. Its made me search for tempura veggie recipes. Oh my goodness so good. Our two hour reservation went so quick, I was sitting in the middle of the table which was handy I could keep up with both ends of the table conversation, and before I knew it we were hanging out on the street!

Of course there had to be some group shots afterwards. I love this one of Ames. She was my dinner buddy and fellow pregnant lady. Not that she looked it!

We ended up in a coffee shop via a nasty public toilet talking about toilets and toilet paper, because we are very mature. Obviously. It was nice to meet people after reading their blogs for such a long time. But I think it was even better meeting new faces, I've spent the last few days scrolling through some new blogs. Always good to find some new people to follow.

Before I knew it, it was Sunday and time for me to go, such a quick weekend but so glad I did it and if you are a blogger and ever get a chance to hang out with other bloggers, I say just do it. 


  1. So glad you could make it down! It was great to get to meet you and the Bump.

  2. It was so nice to meet you Kate. I have read your blog, and it is always good to finally put a face and mannerisms to the writer! x

  3. I was so happy to do it lovely, when you made the effort to come down. I had so much fun. In all seriousness, it was just as easy to meet and hang out as I expected it to be. Love you even more now. Can't wait to catch up again. xo

  4. It was so lovely to catch up in person with you. I always knew we would get along..even at a train stop. Hope you can do it again sometime xx

  5. Aww it was nice to meet you all too! Will definatly keep my eyes out for the next one close by!

  6. So nice to meet you, even if it was just briefly at the end! Glad you had a great night!


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