Thursday, September 22, 2011

10,000 steps!

When we used to live in Mackay we lived quite close to a 10,000 step walking track around a big pond called the gooseponds. I used to take Jack for a walk around it of an afternoon. Every time we drive past Jack asks me to tell him the story then James asks if we can go one day, so yesterday was our day. I remember it taking a while but doing it with three small people took us ages. Luckily we weren't in a rush and didn't have anywhere to be!

I asked Charlie if he wanted to take his scooter he shook his head at me, (that's his new thing and secretly I love it) so he was my walking buddy. Next time I'm taking the pram.

There's loads of exercise equipment around the track so of course we had to stop at every. single. one. 

It's quite a pretty spot and quite big considering it's almost in the middle of town. probably not the best thing to do at 11am we were all hot and sweaty by the time we got back to the car. 

Every. Single. One.

The boys ran up the little hill to race down it. Thankfully they listened to me when I said it probably wasn't the best idea they'd ever had.

Well Jack listened. James not so much, luckily he has the whole scooter thing down pat. 

Were going again when Daddys home and taking the pram for Charlie it was a bit much for him and once I had to carry him as well it really made it too much for me! 


  1. That looks awesome (apart fromt eh stopping at of the equipment stops LOL)- My kids did not become decent walkers until they were 5 and 7 - i seriously had to kick them out of the stroller when they started pre-prep! i would love it if we had a place like that near us!

  2. Thank you it is a nice spot lots of ducks and geese to chase! Charlie is only just 2 so I was obviously thinking it wasn't such a long way around!

  3. My kids like to stop at every little one too and thy love the ducks.

    We lived just a few minutes away from the gooseponds and joss and I use to drop ef at school and so a few laps. We'd also walk up to mount pleasant if we really wanted to punish ourselves.

  4. So much energy! Don't you wish that sometimes kids had selective vision? :P

  5. Oh i found you from BabyMac, hello, how do you do?? I'm a fellow mummy of 4 who has a husband away 9-11 months of the year, such is life.
    I love this 10000 steps, my children would run it with glee, sounds brilliant, love Posie

  6. Dani, we used to walk up and do some shopping : ) we lived in between the goose ponds and Mount P.

  7. Posie I take my hat off to you! Michael works 4 days on 4 days off. So although its 6 months, its spread out for us. I don't know if I could for 11 months! Thanks for popping over xx

  8. That looks like a great place for the kids to let off their energy, though got to love whole carrying thing..mamma would of needed a nap I suspect :)


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