Saturday, April 9, 2011

Polly Dolly


I am so in love with this outfit. I have been looking unsuccessfully for a trench dress for years. I don't know if they are made in my size. Luckily in the magical world of polly dolly anything is possible!
This week theme over at Danimezza is Trench. I took the liberty of putting my own spin on it with the trench dress.
This outfit is defiantly for a high tea, a fancy baby shower, special shopping trip. Something fun, not dropping the kids to school.
Beautiful boots, awesome bag, big jewellery and bold make up. Love it.


  1. Loving your take Kate, the dress is perfect!

  2. Thanks so much, I love playing this game, dangerous though I have been looking for a trench dress online since I posted this!

  3. I LOVE this set. Well done lovely lady. I'd wear that dress. In a second.

  4. That dress is gorgeous. I love a twist on a trench jacket. A trench dress is just brilliant.


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