Thursday, April 14, 2011

oh what a night!

On Tuesday we packed the kids up and everything except the kitchen sink and drove and drove and drove. I can't believe we've never done it before, I always thought driving would be longer, more expensive, and plain difficult, but it was such a good trip. We left at 8pm so after ONE movie we switched the DVD player off and told the kids it was sleep time. By 6am we were half way and the kids had no idea that mum and dad had been driving all night.
We found a fun park in Narrabri to stop for a snack. It was such a nice day I had to get my papparazi on!

Charlie running after the ball.

Nice fashion ensemble. Tracksuit pants and thongs.

Charlie on the swing, loving himself

The boys playing footy, they had such a good time.

Somewhere outside Gilgandra was this awesome Saturn. There is a whole series of them, I had to convince Jack that we couldn't turn around to see the rest of them! They were cool, but not that cool!


  1. Woo Hoo road trip! Though road tripping with kids just doesn't have the same ring to it.. :P
    Hope you all have an awesome time visiting family and don't freeze in to statues lol

  2. Haha no road trip with kids is usually very long and drawn out but this trip could not have gone any better! We'll see how the trip home goes but I'm guessing we'll be doing more of it!

  3. It seems like AGES since we did a proper road trip. This makes me want to pack the car and just drive!


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