Thursday, April 7, 2011

My place and yours

I am sure we have something fun and cool that is green but when I started walking around the house looking for something nothing jumped out at me. However Charlie was jumping out in front of me.

Charlie in his green vest.

Green fridge magnets

Green bath mat

If you have something more interesting in green head over to see Danielle at Hello Owl and play along!


  1. and I bet now you have done the post you will find heaps of cool things you could of used :P
    We have those fridge magnet or should I say floor magnets as that is where they always seem to be.

  2. Aah, soothing greens. Charlie looks very cute! xx

  3. Hayley~ I was telling hubby about my boring greens and he said, what about your dress? Yep I am wearing a green dress today. To tired today to function!
    Wendy~Thankyou! I'm loving the cooler weather I get to pull out all the fun winter clothes!


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