Tuesday, April 19, 2011

park time

Yesterday Michael and I took the kids to one of my favorite spots in town, our big park in the middle of town. Its Oranges version of Sydney's Hyde park, just smaller. we spent at least an hour there, such a nice spot with all the autumn leaves, we taught the boys to have a leaf fight, they could never do that where we live now. The duck pond is being renovated unfortunately so we had to feed the ducks over a fence, not very photo friendly but very laugh friendly James was trying to knock a duck out with a whole peice of bread.

Right in the middle is a huge rose garden and in the middle of that is a sun dial. Jack wanted to know how to read it, what it did, and can he have one?

Charlie was in a smiley mood, even though he s a snot monster at the moment.

My big boys who have decided no other shoes will cut it except their gumboots. Fashion statement extraordinaries.

If I have learnt anything from all the photographers I know, its take photos from above, makes for one chin not two. Is handy to know these sorts of things, yes?
We will definatly be going back before we leave.


  1. I remember being fascinated by sundials when I was a kid too. I am also a HUGE fan of that camera angle. nice photos!

  2. Thanks hun! I agree sundials are fun. I am thinking about getting him one. A little crazy for a 6yr old but hey he loves his globe so why not!


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