Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleep Baby Sleep

Please don't yell at me, I know this is NOT what the SIDS awareness people recommend, but I'm  not sure what else to do with him!

He is put in his cot, feet at the bottom on his back nothing in the cot etc etc, but this is how I find him. Of a night Michael rolls him back over before he goes to bed but during the day I leave him like this. All my boys slept like this (Michael and I sleep on our bellies, but not quite like this)

I'm sure thats got to be uncomfortable.

So comfortable, who am I to mess with him?


  1. Too funny! and too cute!! I put Elyssa to bed and she is in exactly the same place in the morning. She doesn't move at all. Chloe will change position all night, and usually end up with blankets off and bum in the air!

  2. Pffft once they put themselves in that position I leave them... still put 'em to bed on their back but where they end up, they stay. My kids sleep in sleeping bags so no worry about entanglement or anything!

  3. You can help where they lay if they do that themselves. It's so hard to know whats right with all the information changing so regularly, who do you believe. You just have to take it with a grain of salt and do whats best for you xx


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