Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not such a happy camper

Yesterday Jack and I went to Rocky all by ourselves we shopped and shopped and ate 'donalds' and saw a beautiful movie called The princess and the frog (Jack's choice not mine) had a lovely talk about how daddy helped put Charlie in my belly (not an easy conersation, especially when we were in the car for 2 hours and had no distractions!) and I was planning on blogging about how nice it was to spend time with 1 child and how much we both enjoyed ourselves, but instead I'm blogging about what happened while we weren't around.

Firstly Charlie had formula all day and kept it all down with no reflux and was very settled. Michael and James made bickies and had fun, but the important thing is Charlie had a lovely unsettled day. Til we got home, my boobs were exploding after 9 hours and so I popped him on only for him to spew half way through all over me, I thought, well considering how full they were I'm not so suprised. Then this morning after his first boob he drenched me and my feeding pillow again, I casually asked Michael if he did it much yesterday, Michaels answer? Not once. Luckily Michael and I have been together long enough for him to know what I'm thinking and he said very nicely 'do you think its the boob?' he knew not to say give up feeding because I so wanted to breastfeed Charlie the longest, this is the last time I will breastfeed and I'm not ready to give up at 4 months, but obviously the boob milk is doing funny things to his little belly so to keep feeding would be only for my selfish reasons not for him.

Michael can tell I'm stewing about it as I just got a cuddle and a quiet whisper in my ear 'your a wonderful mum' and he's taken the big boys for a walk so I can get it out of my system without me snapping their heads off over nothing.

So I'm off to buy a cabbage to stop my boobs from hurting, sigh, I will be ok, but today I am not a happy camper.

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  1. oh hun :(
    I completely feel your pain, emotionally and physically. oxox


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