Sunday, January 24, 2010

Books Books and more books!

My boys were very spoilt for Christmas from everyone, my  favorite gifts are always books, they last longer than any truck or noisy toy they get and when they are old like there mumma (26 eep!) hopefully they will still have them to look back on and remember with fondness getting me to read them to death like I did with my mum and anyone else who would put up with me!

My awesome Uncle Dave and Aunty Christine who live in Hobart most of the year except for 6 weeks or so when they take up residence in their favorite European city, Paris (I know I was definatly born to the wrong Owen brother ; ) gave us a gift voucher for Angus & Robertson. So last week when Jack and I went shopping for school stuff we nipped in and managed to get a book for everyone in the whole family!

I got a cook book I have been stealing recipes from for years, and it has been a great way to re-think cooking for my carnivors I call children! Loads of pureed veg in other things, like mac and cheese with sweet potato and cauliflower, I recommend it to any mumma who is having a hard time with dinner and small children!

Michael, who has become nuts about gardening since he stopped drinking, asked me to call him while I was in the book shop so I would definatly get him this book!
We have a trailer load of cow poop in our backyard and it stinks to high heaven, but he keeps telling me that the veggies will taste better and my sunflowers are loving it, I shouldn't complain!

Jack picked a Thomas book which I was very suprised about, I tried to steer him towards something else but he told me he loves Thomas, so thats fine with me!
He helped me pick a Charlie and Lola book for James(who has read it a million times so far) and a touchy feely learning book for Charlie. Perfect picks, I might get him to help me with christmas presents next year!
Thanks very much Dave and Chris!


  1. I have been wanting to get the jessica Seinfeld book for ages. I might check ebay out. Chloe loves Elyssas purees but doesn't like vegies. I don't think she has caught on yet what goes into the purees!

  2. great idea! A lot of it is very american but there's some really good ideas in it. xx


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