Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas in a nutshell

Charlie and I having some giggle time on Christmas morning

The boys so excited to open their fun things from Santa

Jack's Lightening McQueen blow up game, yes the steering wheel plugs into the TV and there is car racing games, spoilt much??

James got a mini Wii type thing(V-Motion V-Tech thingy) but this was so much more interesting!

Grandad and Dad trying out the boys new tennis on a stick

The boys hanging out with "the pretty girl" at Aunty Alice's, can you tell she's an artist?

We had a very quiet day, the boys were spoilt rotten as usual, we had cold meat and salad for lunch, my mother in law and I had nanna naps, there is nothing better in my opinion!

It was Michael's first year with no booze in almost 15 years, very strange for him. His Mum and Dad bought him a art set and thats how he spent his Christmas afternoon, and now I have his artwork hanging on my wall, I'm very happy with that!

 We are still opening presents from Christmas, nanny's presents only arrived yesterday, the boys have so much stuff I don't even know where to begin!
It was a good day but it was nice to be home and we are looking forward to having Christmas at home next year.
 I hope everyone had a good day!

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