Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year New Decade

I love New Years resolutions, I never stick to them but I always find January to be the most motivated month of the whole year. 

So this year I am going to get a job

 I dont care if its at woolworths, the service station, a takeout shop, a mine, whatever as long as I can leave the house without my boys, and contribute to us saving some....

Money, were not doing too bad with Michael's salary but even though he gets paid really well  his wage divided by 5 people makes it seem much less than it actually is. We want to but a house and get out of the mining world within 5 years.
I also NEED to do more

Pampering, I am the only girl in the house and I need to act more like it, I am getting caught up in the world of boys!

I also want to do more with the boys, take them places they haven't been before, expose them to things they haven't done before, teach them some new things.

Thanks to Danielle from Hello Owl for the inspiration for this post, and thanks to Danielle at Danimezza for getting me hooked on her friends blogs!

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