Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Things

So I was just reading Danielle's post on Hello Owl about blog games, so I'm joining in.

The aim of the game is to tell you 10 random facts about me. So here goes

1. Although I have a 4yr old a 2yr old and a 4 month old I am feeling very cluck cluck clucky.
2. I used to be a country B'n'S chick, and loved it.
3. I am really glad that we don't live in Orange anymore, although its nice to be close to family, I'm really starting to love being in queensland this time (way more than when we were in Mackay)
4. I love to read cook books and watch cooking shows.
5. My favorite way to eat chocolate is straight out of the freezer.
6. I love pink.
7. I love being by the seaside, but in the 18 months when we lived by the sea we hardly ever went!
8. I would love to have some neices and nephews (no pressure on my one and only sister!)
9. I am a qualified Beautician.
10. This is my newest favorite photo of my Charlie trying to grab at the camera. I could just eat him up I love him so much!

So now its your turn if you have a blog jump on and tell us all 10 random facts about you. If you don't have a blog leave me a comment and tell us!


  1. HI Kate,

    So glad I found you. I love your list. I can relate to allot of it. Maybe we are kindred internet spirits :P I don't like Mackay either, we only go there for food, if there was somewhere else to shop we would :P

    Where do you live now?

  2. Hiya,
    Were in Blackwater now, population 6000, and loving it!
    I had a little chuckle when I first read your blog, we almost moved to Nebo when Michael started working at coppabella, but he was worried about me being too much of a city chic and hating it ; )


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