Sunday, January 10, 2010

New or Second hand?

 Things I like buying new.

                                                          The boys in their car seats

Charlie in his playcentre bouncer.

Things I like buying second hand

James Everlast sneakers brand new from Lifeline in Emerald. $4, love it.

Charlie's cot $20 from The Salvation Army in Blackwater, Love it! I think I spent more money buying the paint to repaint it!

My question is what do you like to buy new and what are you happy to have second hand??


  1. Wow, Kate! I'm so impressed with your blog!
    It's been really nice just getting to know how things are and where you're at - glad you to see you're doing so well and are happy : )
    All the best,
    Connie xx

  2. Thanks hun! Your the second person today thats said such nice things!

    I'm still in the early stages and I have a whole lot more to learn yet but I'm getting there. Its very fun!


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