Monday, August 10, 2009

Pregnancy, Birthdays and Meow Meows.

Pregnancy is such an unpredictable difficult time of a woman's life, the normal rules of the universe don't seem to apply. For example me an overweight, no exercise, bad eater has a relatively easy pregnancy, where as my lovely Suez who goes to the gym a couple of times a week, drinks enough water, eats well, and isn't overweight has had a horror pregnancy, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, Dr is worried the baby isn't growing and is still too small, is in hospital at 35 weeks taking 8 blood pressure pills a day, isn't allowed to do anything and looks like she could be induced this week, as they are concerned about her health, but as the bub isn't growing as well as it should they want to leave her as long as possible so it can grow before getting it out. Do you think she'll end up having another baby? Not likely!!! She told me this baby is going to be an only child and really I don't blame her at all! I on the other hand have big healthy babies that are so comfortable they don't want to come out, and I don't think Charlie is going to be any different, at 36 weeks he is still not engaged, and because of the amount of fluid he still has room to move about and is enjoying laying sideways across my belly, which gives my ribs a break!
Here I am at 36 weeks, getting bigger by the day, I've put on a kilo this week which kinda scared me, I'm only up to 8kgs this pregnancy and I don't really want to hit the 10kg mark.
I'm getting a lot of uncomfortable braxton hicks, usually after a big day or if I'm standing up to long (like the days we go to Rocky I'm usually standing up shopping and my belly is as hard as a rock) I know I'm meant to be taking it easier, but things still need to be done,and with the boys to look after and keep entertained sometimes I just have to do stuff! Next week is Michael's Birthday and apart from his gift (which I'm not sharing with you until he has seen it, he checks my blog occasionally!) I really don't know what were going to do. Usually I have parties planned or trips away planned but this year with baby due so soon after his birthday I haven't really thought about it! Jenny Craig isn't helping me either I can't even make him a ridiculous dinner and cake, well I can make the cake and he can look at it, that's about it. Yesterday my mum rang at 7.30am, very odd for my mum to call me its usually the other way around, she was in tears, her very old cat Toby died during the night, she would have been 17 next month. Do you think either of us were saying anything on the phone? Nope. There were tears and that noise that you make when you try to say something when your sobbing, both my boys stopped what they were doing and just stared at me, they are used to me crying but not usually on the phone. So now my mumma is all alone no cat to bug her no kids around and defiantly no grand kids around, I think having us live in Orange for 12 months was great for her but also sucked cos she got so used to us just being around the corner now were 16hrs away. I couldn't even give her a hug which I think sucked the most, I was sad about the cat but more sad for my mumma. All the more reason for her to come and live with us, there's defiantly nothing holding her back now...mmmm might run that one past her : )


  1. oh hun, so scary for your friend. I could understand having only one child as well. Sorry to hear about my Mum's cat. I'd be a wreck too.

    Come on Charlie, get a move on :)

  2. I have a feeling he's going to be born on the 10th,don't know why I just do, but thats 6 days past my due date that might give him time to get his bum in to gear!
    yep my poor Suez they still can't get her BP to stabalise so she's having a c-section tomorrow, she'll be 35+4, and he's still only 2kgs.


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