Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday my lovely hubby turned 28! I know not a big significant number but a birthday is still a special occasion!
Today I'm exhausted, I don't think I sat down for more than 10 minutes all day yesterday. I cant help but make a big deal about birthdays so after Michael's alarm went off and I remembered it was his birthday I got up to have a coffee with him, you can't start your birthday by yourself so at 5am and that was the start of my big day!
After James and I dropped him to work (Jack told me he wanted to stay in bed, so we left him at home, I don't blame him it wasn't even 6am!) we got ready for the day went to the post office picked up the rest of Michael's gift came home made cards for Dads Birthday, wrapped the gifts, attempted to pick up pizzas for Michael and the boys to have at work, until we realised Eagle Boys aren't open for lunch, so Red Rooster it was! We took Red Rooster out for them and his gifts and cards and of course some balloons and party hats, cant have a birthday lunch without party hats can you? Even at 28? Unfortunately as he works on a mine site I could only drop the stuff off to him, were not allowed on site so he and the guys he works with had lunch together.
By this time it was 1.30pm and in the 20 mins it takes to drive home James has fallen asleep (he was up at 5.30am) so after James was tucked up in bed Jack and I made a double decker carrot birthday cake, very yum but by the time we were done it was time to shower them and get them dressed for dinner!
James beautiful card, I gave him the sticky letters and he stuck them on and did the beautiful colouring : )

Jack's card which reads Happy Birthday Daddy 28

A lion and a truck on the inside because Daddy likes lions and trucks obviously!

I love Jacks writing, I cant believe he can write his own name without any help and as long as you tell him what letters to write can write pretty much anything! Not always legible but so sweet : )

My beautiful boys ready to go for dinner at 'the fire engine and the gun' otherwise known as the mine workers club which has a fire engine ride and a dear shooting machine in the play area

I just wanted 1 nice smile from Jack this is the best I could do.

My beautiful James, this is my newest favorite photo of him.

After we got home from dinner we had to cut the cake and sing happy birthday, I think I have given the boys my obsession with birthdays, they loved it more than Michael I'm sure!

He said he wouldn't eat any after having a naughty day, no Jenny Craig all day, he ended up having 2 pieces : ) Lucky I made him a nice healthy carrot cake, never mind the 500gms of cream cheese that went into that icing! : )

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  1. Aww thats lovely, happy birthday.
    Now share the carrot cake :D


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