Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its Friday!!

Well its not really, its only Thursday but in our house that's Friday, Michael works Sunday til Thursday so Friday and Saturday we have him all to ourselves!
I can't believe how quickly this week has gone, usually by Wednesday it feels like I haven't seen Michael in a million years! We've had a busy week though Michael got his tax done on Wednesday and we now owe nothing to the tax department, and we will get a nice sum in the bank which is going straight on Michael's new car. Having one car is just getting ridiculous, and its not going to be any easier with a newborn.
Tomorrow were off to Rockhampton for another anti natal check up and Michael's Jenny Craig visit. I hate him so much for losing so much weight while I'm stacking it on! But I'm so very proud of him as well, he's gone down 2 pant sizes and is fitting into clothes I have never seen him able to wear, soon we'll be a slim family, well apart from Charlie he's going to be a chubba bubba like the big boys were as babies, I can't wait!
I completely forgot to post the pics of the boys new haircuts, I can't believe I waited so long to have their hair cut! They look so much better now!
James with his cheeky smile
My Jack Jack with his 1 grey tooth : ( Thank heavens there only baby teeth. I thought it would be James that would end up with a grey tooth not Jack.
So today I am cleaning the bathroom and cleaning out the fridge before we go groccery shopping, and I think the little boys and I will have take out or something easy for dinner as we'll be home alone, thursday is Michaels Lions club meetings so he will be off talking about silly things with old men til at least 10pm : ) I think I need to buy him some more appropriate outfits for Lions meetings, I'm looking at some nice ties on eBay, maybe some bus driver socks to wear with his lace up brown shoes : )

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