Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost finished the nursery!

The nursery from the doorway after we spent a few hours emptying out the junk and replacing it with all the nursery furniture, and making it a bit pretty, although not anywhere near finished, I put up some of the old toys the boys had to make it pretty but I want something new for his room, also no cot yet but that will be here soon.
The room looks much bigger in these pics than it actually is but this corner is where the cot will go, there's a hook in the ceiling so I'm getting a mosquito net to hang above the cot.
I know a bookshelf with basically nothing on it is a bit useless but I'm so happy its in there and even with only a few things on it, it will be full soon enough. I'm so happy I finally painted all the furniture white, it goes really well in this room, and makes all the toys look so vibrant! I can't wait til its finished but I'm so so happy with what we did today!

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