Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 Days To Go

I cant believe were almost in single digits!!
I have started daydreaming about the labour and whats going to happen and who he'll look like and how big he's going to be! I had a quick ultrasound at my last midwife appt and his head is only just engaged his spine went from my pelvis bone to my ribs and his feet were tucked around the other side of my belly. He looks massive!
My hospital bag is packed.
All his clothes are washed.
Nappies in various sizes bought and put away in the nursery.
We get Jack's new car seat out of layby next Friday (my due date) James then has Jacks old one and Charlie gets James, well until we get out the next layby anyway!
Mum will be here on the 6th, and doesn't leave til the 21st. I'm so excited.
Michael's starts his 'holidays' on the 4th and doesn't go back to work for 16 days. We've already discussed that its not going to be a holiday where he can drink 10 daiquiris and relax, its just time away from work so he can spend some time with the big boys and get to know his newest little boy. Also cook and clean and fetch me things, after all I am going to have a baby strapped to my boob 24/7!
Now all we need is for those 10 days to hurry up, I'm sick of being awake half the night for no reason, and I am so excited to sleep on my stomach again!

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