Monday, August 24, 2009

August.. Really???

Yep its August, I should be used to Queensland 'winters' by now, but they still shock me, Jack's first winter in Queensland I bought him 1 cardigan and some slippers, that was his warm clothes. Ridiculous! Winter is for fires and snow and 7 pairs of gloves because its so cold! Not here, we spent the weekend downstairs playing in the sprinklers, and I think I even got a bit sun burnt!
I'm not sure why but I need to see their tongues in every photo, and like all boys, one does it and the other copies thinking its hilarious!
The boys had a ball and we got our lawn watered all at the same time, cant complain about that! Michael promised them he'd put the sprinkler under the trampoline, I thought this was a little dangerous but no one got hurt and they wore themselves out jumping in the water and running through the sprinkler system that Michael has turned away from the plants and on to the lawn to make it grow even just a little before we move out.
The boys watching motorcross in "manland" aka Michael's boy spot under the house, lounges, TV, fridge, what else could you possibly want? Fascinated by silly boys doing jumps on their motorbikes, hopefully not getting any ideas!
Me and Jack, I know everyone keeps telling me how tired I look, but I didnt realise how tired I look til this picture. Oh well only 12 days til I'm due then I hopefully wont look so tired!

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