Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Charlie only 3 weeks left!

So here I am 37 weeks, I feel like I have an alien in my belly sometimes, and I creep Michael out when I can feel Charlie is thinking about doing a somersault I lift my shirt and tell Michael to watch, he cant watch it for long it freaks him out, which still makes me laugh, after 3 kids you would think he'd be used to the whole baby process!
I still have a lot of fluid which means even though he's big and I'm big,( although I've only put on 7kgs, which I am very happy with considering I'll probably have another 4kg baby plus fluid, blood and all the other baby gunk comes out I haven't really gained any weight at all! )
He still has some room to move around, I can feel him sometimes with his head down but he's defiantly not engaged, I have stubborn children I know that I just didn't realise it started when they are still in the womb, I'm completely expecting to be induced again and I've gotten used to the fact, I think if I went it to labour naturally it would probably throw me completely!
I didn't think my stretch marks had gotten as bad as they are, I'm not looking forward to the condition of my belly after I give birth! This being our last baby Michael has promised me I can have my boobs put back up closer to my chest and further away from my belly button where they tend to sit now, and I can have my left over belly seen to, I have to lose a heap of weight first but then I'll be quite happy to remove all that extra skin! I'd like to look 25 not 45!

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  1. Your belly looks great :) i love the waves of my belly when LM moves about, Steve thinks it's hilarious. LM isn't engaged either, he's heads down but thats it. Steve thinks I'm giving him 14 kids so no talk of fixing me up just yet lol.


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