Sunday, August 2, 2009

Must Be Love

I'm not sure what happened this weekend but Michael and I had such a fun time together. No snapping, no sighing, no out right fights about stupid things. Just a lovely weekend it seemed like just the two of us even though the boys were with us they seemed to leave us alone, we were probably annoying them with our love sick faces : ) I don't remember the last time we had such a lovey dovey weekend, probably before the day to day life of having kids took over.
Friday we got up together before the boys woke up and started making breakfast together (we were thinking a quiet breakfast together, but the kids woke up) and that's were it all started. We had breakfast, Michael got the kids ready for playgroup while I got ready, he dropped us off and went to do some final cleaning things at home before our house inspection, only to turn up half an hour early because he missed us.
We had lunch together, played with the boys, had pizza for dinner in front of the TV and watched the footy, holding hands. Not romantic you say? Well it was. We stayed downstairs watching footy, not that either of us could remember the score from either game I don't think we were watching as much as talking over it, and the boys went upstairs to watch cartoons. Fine with us! We laughed and joked and played silly buggers til 12 when I conked out and finally went to bed. Michael brought me a cup of tea about an hour later which was very sweet but I didn't really feel like a cup of tea at 1am, I blame the quantity of bourbon he consumed during the evening : )
Saturday we took the boys fishing, and by we I mean Michael did some fishing and the boys went on an adventure, and rode their bikes, I sat on my chair with the paper. Was perfection.

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