Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year New Decade~ Revisited.

Remember this?
Well its almost the end of 2010 and its time to check if I've kept to my resolutions.

No. 1. Get a job. Well yes I guess I kinda have ? Although I don't leave the house, we have managed to pay off our debts and the extra money I make babysitting a few days a week sure does come in handy sometimes.

No. 2. Pampering. Kinda. I did make it to the beauticians a few times. I've had my hair done more than once. I've bought more clothes this year than I think I ever have. Does that count? Maybe I need to put that on next years list.

No. 3. Show the boys new things. Defiantly succeeded! Apart from our recent trip to Sydney where we took the boys to the beach, museum, zoo, aquarium, china town and their favorite, the taxi rides. There was also a few other trips, bowling, water slides, reptile land. I don't know if this counts but Michael seems to watch a lot of discovery channel with the boys, puts me to sleep but I'm glad they are learning about gross stuff.

So how was 2010 for you? Did you stick to your resolutions a little, a lot? Tell me everything!


  1. Ah, 2010 resolutions. I met some of them, failed others. All in all, pretty usual. Glad to hear that you've done so well, including taking care of yourself, that's one I never manage to find time for!

  2. Sounds like you have manged to get a few things crossed off..though I love how it is always stuff for 'us' we never manage to really succeed at. Oh well always next year :)

  3. I think pampering will be on my list until I have kids out of the house! Always the way Hayley! I wouldn't want it any other way. xx


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