Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Holiday Activities Part 2

Blue ice cubes? Yes Please!
Ok so I didn't channel Belinda Graham with this one I out and out stole it. I hope she doesn't mind!
Its defiantly summer and I'm trying to find things to do to cool us down and keep us happy, a little food dye and a water makes frozen crayons!

The boys before they started to look like lost members of the smurf family

I admit it, I joined in!

Jack made the earth, love it.

This was a fun activity that Charlie got to join in with the boys, he's so desperate to be a bit older and join in.

It wasn't even 10am and the ice cubes were melting so quickly there was blue and green liquid running everywhere!

Note to self don't leave the baby with a stack of food dye ice cubes, I couldn't help but laugh and take a photo. Oh brother!


  1. What a great idea to do on a hot summer's day!! I especially love that last photo...cheeky little devil ;)

  2. He sure is! Jack's teachers aide has stared calling him Cyclone Charlie!
    So fun on a hot day next time swimmers and the hose!


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