Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So Sad.

We are officially flooded away from home.
 Michael and I went to Mackay for one night for a wedding. That was Monday. Now its Wednesday and were still away. I miss my beautiful boys and there smelly cuddles and funny stories. We are stuck in a little town an hour from home. Mum is at home with my boys. I have never cried so much in my life as I have in the last two days.
I know I should be pleased were safe the boys are safe Charlie has enough nappies and formula. But I'm not pleased. I'm cranky. I'm upset. I'm childless. This is the third night I've been away from them. I've never before spent a night away from Charlie. I spent one night away from Jack when James was born. I spent 2 nights away from them both when Charlie was born.
I am never leaving them again. I'm going to follow them when they leave home. I will be that awful mother in law that is hanging around waiting for grandchildren to be born and then telling my daughter in law how to do things.

I miss this squidgy little man and his sloppy kisses and his mum mum mum ing. I'm going to kiss his skin off when we get home. Expect a few more posts from me like this in the next few days. Its going to be a crazy way to start the new year.


  1. Aww hun. Chin up. You'll be back to your beautiful boys soon enough. But of course, not soon enough.

    Stupid floods.

  2. Thanks hun. I'm ok this morning. Spoke to them last night and they sound good. Lucky we have friends in town that have done a few woolies runs for my mumma! Stupid floods.

  3. Oh no! That's got to be so tough. Even though some days I dream of being forced to take a vacation from my family, I know that I'd be a mess if it happened. Hope all is well and you are home soon!


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