Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh My

So I started looking at some old pictures and I've started cluck cluck clucking.
Oh dear.
I'm not planning on doing anything about it.
Look above. You understand why?
I do not want to go through another pregnancy, I hate being pregnant.
Look above. You understand why?
What I am cluck cluck clucking about is that moment you see your new baby for the first time, the newborn cuddles, the way you smile at everything and nothing with a new baby, the joy of watching your husband watching your new baby. That smell that can't be replaced or replicated by a scented candle. Introducing your new baby to the world, people smiling at you when your baby cries.

I'll be over it in a week but for now I'm off to look at bump pictures and newborn pictures. Oh and cancel the discovery home and health from our pay TV channels, to many birth shows are making me something something.

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