Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ah Kismas!

I had a marathon present wrapping session on Christmas eve. Mostly because I insisted on wrapping everything like a crazy person. I made Michael put everything together then we wrapped it all, so much more fun on Christmas morning!
Christmas eve is our Wedding anniversary so you would think we would be celebrating in style with a romantic dinner, nope we had red rooster. Quiet night in just the two of us. Nope we wrapped presents til midnight. That's what happens when your anniversary is Christmas eve.

We may or may not have gone a little over the top with the presents. We have spoilt kids I admit it.

The boys love having their Nanny here. I don't mind it either.

Charlie got a frog baby. He loves to smooch and cuddle it. Cute!

Our little rock band, Charlie will be on vocals. Once he can sing.

We live in central Queensland so we expected it to be hot and hot so why not hire a slushie machine? Just because we were stuck inside and it was raining we still put a decent hole in it.

We had a drunken afternoon while the little boys slept and Jack played with his new mega box of Lego, followed by left overs for dinner and a Christmas movie. We still have some unopened presents. Next year just one Christmas lay by.

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