Friday, December 17, 2010


Jack and his gorgeous prep teacher Alana.

Jack and Karen the best teachers aid I've ever met.

Last Friday was Jack Jack's last day of school for the year, last day of being a prep kid.

I never thought I would get so attached to his teacher's, I'm such a cry baby and once Karen gave me a hug I started bawling, and so did she, I'm really going to miss them both next year, if were still here in 2012 I'll be requesting James get them.
 I feel so blessed that he had such supportive, fun, amazing teachers. Jack doesn't like being centre of attention and can be quite shy with strangers (don't ask me where he gets it from!) but it didn't take long for Alana and Karen to get to the real Jack and it took less time for Alana to figure out she was going to have to push the limits with this boy, and now at the end of his first year of school he has finished all the reading for grade one and is now reading books that are given to kids in grade three. If we hadn't had such good teachers that were willing to do the extra work to get him more and more to read and do then he probably would still be reading so well but he wouldn't have been recognised.
I still remember my first teacher and I'm willing to bet money Jack will too.


  1. Hats off to them. So great to hear of people willing to go that bit extra for others, no matter who they are and for whom they are doing it. And a love of reading, well, in my opinion will take him far. He is a lucky boy.

    {Had a few to drinks and am blog surfing. I just was re-reading my comment and it sounds very serious and kinda gushy. But yeah, lovely people make me gushy. So I'm going to leave it. So. Hmmm. Yeah. BYE}

  2. Hehehe have also had a few drinks am and just surfing the net also!
    Might be the drinks but I didn't think it was gushy, I completly agree reading will *fingers crossed* get him far. He's destined for something that boy!


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