Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So much to do so little time!

Well I have been completely neglecting my blog since Charlie was born, I have been very busy and attentive with my 3 little boys instead, oh and the housework!
On the weekend we took the boys to Rocky for a couple of days, I wanted to do some shopping and Michael wanted to have some time away from Blackwater as a family, was very fun and very tiring!
My darling boys so excited about their room at the 'little house' wanted to unroll their sleeping bags straight away! Even though it was only 11am!
Little Charlie on our big bed, doesn't he look tiny! My hunny bun on our veranda
On Friday we went to beach at Yeppoon, I bought a heap of stuff for Charlie, had a lovely takeout curry from a lovely Indian restaurant for dinner, spoilt the kids with maccas and then took them to the movies to see UP, such a good film, and filled their bellies with lemonade and popcorn. What more could you ask for in 1 day!
Saturday we got up slowly had brekky did some more shopping(I know I'm addicted!) went to the Rocky zoo and decided it was just boiling hot enough to go to the rockpool, a really cool spot for kids of all ages, it has a whole section designed for little kids and our boys absolutely loved it, we've decided next time we go we'll spend a whole day there! There was a jumping castle, a playground with water spouts that came out of the ground, a little pool with 2 slides in it, and for an extra $20 you can even play putt putt golf! How fun is that! Oh and if your over 120cms tall there's even a huge water slide, we didn't go near that one, although I think Michael wanted too!
My cuties, I didn't realise I'd packed them pretty much the same outfits!
I love how James' interacts with animals, he's either scared out of his head, or he loves them to death, he wanted to give this kangaroo his drink, and stuck his hand through the fence to give it a little pat, so sweet! My little Charlie bear trying out his sheepskin rug, very early in the morning, that's the only reason hes wearing anything more than a singlet, because yep its been so hot here! I dont think Charlie is going to get to waear hardly any of his clothes he lives in singlets and short sleeve short suits. at least I'm not worried about him being cold during the night!


  1. So happy the trip went well and yes Charlie does look itty bitty on that big bed. Aidan lives in singlets too when we're at home. Is that hoodie from cotton on? Looks familiar ;)

  2. Yep cotton on i think the trackies are cotton on as well ; ) I'm so glad we both have such good taste!


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