Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loving Life

3 kids is so much better than having just 2, I feel like I'm back to normal, I can do a bit of housework without it wearing me out, 3 is so much easier than having 2 and being pregnant! I've so enjoyed the last couple of weeks, I'm glad that I'll never be pregnant again, but I will miss having a newborn again for sure. Charlie is a laid back quiet baby (so far) and even though he doesn't follow the guidelines for feeding or sleeping that a 'normal' newborn is meant to,(feeding for 3 hours and then sleeping for 3 hours are not what your 'meant to do') he's very easy and getting very predictable which I'm very impressed with considering he is only 2.5 weeks old! Wearing 000 suits : ( I can't believe how much he's grown already!

2.5 weeks ago James was my baby, now look at him!

One beautiful boy, pity about the scowly face : )

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