Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've decided

This is my blog, but it seems to be all about my beautiful family and no so much about me, I'm not sure where I went but I know when it happened:
Engaged to my darling hubby at 20
First baby at 21
Married at 22
Second baby at 23
Pregnant with no.3 at 24
Mummy to 3 at 25
I'm not saying I don't love my little boys or my special big guy but I guess I got put on the back burner and never really came back. I know what I used to do/buy/want but I'm not sure the 19yr old Kate and the 25yr old Kate will be the same, I don't think my husband would be very impressed if I started going to BnS balls, partying every weekend, buying far too many shoes/handbags/CDs every week!
SO I am going to try to blog and buy/do something for me more often, starting today, and find out what the 25yr old Kate likes :o)
This is my favorite perfume, thanks to my sister who got me hooked my first year at high school, no high school kid can afford to wear this!
Its by a french fashion designer called Jean Paul Gaultier, who else do you want to design your perfume, of course a fashion designer!

Isn't it the nicest perfume bottle you have ever seen?

So tell me what part of you have you put on the back burner?


  1. My drinking habit... probably for the best lol.

  2. You forgot living with your great friend age 19. Hehehe!!

  3. Hehe and spending more time with you than anyone else!


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