Monday, October 19, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

Yes its official I have picked up the forms, my baby is off to big school next year!
I know I have blogged about this before but this is such a big deal to me!
He gets to go for a little visit next week for 2 whole hours all by himself! When I told him that he asked me if I could leave the pram at school so he could get home, he didn't understand that we would be coming to get him from school he didn't have to make his own way home!
They have to wear closed in shoes and have a drink and a snack. I have already started planning his snack and what clothes/shoes he's going to wear, oh I'm hopeless! Luckily next year he will have a nasty school uniform to wear everyday instead, its a lovely 80's brown and mustard yellow combination, who knows what they were thinking when they came up with that!
So once we've finished moving and packing and when the kids and I get back from our trip home I am going to buy some labels to put on everything he owns, shoes, clothes, hat, school bag, lunch box, drink bottle etc etc. Its all very scary but when we were there today I could see him looking around and I know he is so ready for school, I just need to learn to cut the apron strings, or at least loosen them a little : )

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