Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My beautiful special boys

I know your saying why isn't she packing?
Well I ran out of boxes and newspaper so for today I've given up, tomorrow when Michael's home were going to both get stuck into it. I've packed it all in my head, what is going in what box with what and where it will all go once we get there, and Monday and Tuesday Michael and I will be taking all the boxes to the new house and unpacking it all, doesn't that sound like a nice way to spend Michael's 6 days off work? ; )
I haven't been taking many photos of my big boys lately, bad mummy has been playing favorites and just taking pics of them if they have Charlie in their arms, so I tried to get some pics of them this week but do you think either of them would just pull a normal face? No wonder I don't take photos of them!
After about 6 photos like this, with tongues out and eyes closed I finally said just look at mum and don't smile! It seemed to have worked, I got a half decent photo!
Charlie on the other hand is always easy to take photos of, only because he has no choice! I love propping him in the beanbag, he has the funniest look on his face as he moves around and the beans move around him, I did it with all the boys, but it still cracks me up!
Jack has done a complete 180 with Charlie the last week or so, and it makes me very happy, he doesn't like change and so I knew bringing Charlie home would be a bit of a shock to the system but 5 weeks in he has decided he quite likes him, and has started interacting with him and is generally a bit happier about the whole thing, thank heavens, sure has taken a load off my mind!
My beautiful James
I have to remind myself every day to do something extra special with him, I don't want middle child syndrome, so just letting him know I'm taking photos of him all by himself and showing them to him makes me feel better, well at least for one day.

Last but not least my favorite photo of the week! This just melts my heart, James was talking to Charlie like he does all day, calling his name and rubbing his belly and Charlie just gave him the biggest grin, reminded me why having siblings is so special.

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