Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is what my house is starting to look like, although I'm trying not to pack to much because as soon as we have the keys to the new house I am going to start unpacking as much as possible in to the new house, so when the official moving day comes we will have most of the little stuff there we'll just need the big things. Ugh... I hate moving, but after 5 years with Michael I am getting very used to it and very good at it.
The pro's of our new house:
Were only moving about a block away from where we are now, were still close to our park and on nice days the little boys and I will be able to walk Jack to school next year.
Its single story so it will be much easier to keep an eye on the boys when they are outside.
Its single story so laundry is going to be so much easier than dragging it downstairs to wash and then back upstairs to fold.
We seem to have nice neighbours, both sides have offered to water the lawn for us(at the moment it looks like a dust bowl)
The lounge/dining/kitchen is bigger than here and I think we'll be able to put the computer in the dining room, possibly on the breakfast bar.
There is kids in every house it seems, the kids on 1 side will be going to school with Jack next year.
The whole house has just been re-painted.
The Cons:
The whole house has just been re-painted so Vegemite fingers and crayons are going to be the bain of my existence!
We didn't get a fancy company house like the ones we'd seen before, we got an average house, were going to have to buy an air-con to have in the lounge room and some portable ones for the kids rooms. There's no where for Michael to set up manland so were getting the 2nd TV in our bedroom and the beer fridge is going in the laundry. Poor manland : ( Michael was distraught, now he'll have to hang out inside with me : )
I can hear my beautiful boy talking so I will leave you with my newest pic of the boys together, I cant believe how big Charlie is getting!

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