Thursday, October 29, 2009

Part 2

I've had a re-vamp, whataya think?? I'm getting very caught up in finding the new me, not in a creepy hippy sense of the phrase, I'm not planning to run away to India and study aromatherapy, nothing quite that dramatic, I'm just thinking about what I'm doing and who or what I'm doing it for. I remember when Jack was born I decided I needed to be a sensible responsible grown up to prove to everyone that even though I was only 21 I could be a good mum, in doing that I got rid of all the silly fun things I loved to do, but now I'm 25 and married with 3 kids I think its time to start doing silly things just for me and acting 25 not 45! Frangipanis are my favorite flower in the whole wide world, (the reason behind the new pic)There so delicate and soft and have such a beautiful soft scent, unfortunately they have become very popular and trendy in the last few years, so I feel like one of the crowd. Fortunately when we had our wedding I could find lots of frangipani stuff : ) Tomorrow I think we'll move onto fashion, I cant wait!

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  1. lol aromatherapy... you crack me up. Loving the new look. I found in the first couple of years I changed my blog layout so much but for the past year I've found my look. Your blog evolves as you do so have fun with it.


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