Saturday, August 25, 2012

7 Months

Somehow we've made it to seven months.
Were still not sleeping through the night which apparently means I should be weaning him and teaching him to sleep through the night. I'm pretty sure he has other ideas and for the sake of everyone in the family, and everyone who lives on our street, I spend most nights with him in bed with me.
Poo is still a big issue and were trying everything to fix it, I'm sure that's not helping with the lack of sleep.

He's started really getting into food, he's very interested in what we eat and has been sampling lots of different things, he's very keen on his pumpkin zucchini mash (looks awful to me, but hey) and we have weet bix for breakfast just like his big brother.
Although he's not crawling he's started commando crawling, not for long distances but it is hilarious to watch.

Gummy smiles there's nothing quite like them. 

Flying baby! 

Still no teeth but he does spend a lot of time chewing on his lips, fingers, fist, dummy, toys, anything he can get to his mouth really. 

I love the concentration on his face, oblivious to anything else. 

Charlie still thinks William is his toy and should be awake if Charlie is. I don't agree with him but considering how much of a mummas boy Charlie is I'm just glad that he loves him so much and isn't trying to get rid of him, or stuff him in a toy box. Well not yet anyway. 

See his 6 month pictures here


  1. He's such a cutie! Lior doesn't even remotely sleep through the night. Screw what other people say. :-)

    1. Thanks hun, don't you just love advice from strangers in the street? Grrr.

  2. Gorgeous! We ended up weaning around 7 months when Guy wasn't sleeping through the night yet, then again I was working and studying and decided that breastfeeding wasn't worth the life-destroying sleep deprivation anymore. Not that I regret stopping breastfeeding, but he's 13 months and still doesn't sleep through most nights. Formula's not a cure-all, and he's obviously thriving.

    1. Ugh that's not fun, Guy what are you doing to your mumma!
      It's my fault for gloating about Charlie sleeping 12 hours over night from 4 weeks old. Pay back!

  3. Naaaaw, he is SO gorgeous. SO GORGEOUS.


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