Saturday, September 8, 2012


I've completely fallen off the blogging wagon. It's just not been up high enough on my to do list. I'd rather pass out in bed instead of stay up half an hour longer on my computer.
There I said it.
Instead of blogging in the last two weeks this is what I've been up to, having coffee dates, lunch dates, after school play dates, planning two birthday parties, a baby shower, a weekend away, a garage sale, and toilet training. Oh and Michael has taken on a second job which means instead of him being home for five days he's home for two, you know just to add to the craziness.

Michael bought a new car, a nissan patrol, I think we should call her Peggy the patrol, so that's what I've been calling it. Michael thinks it's a dodgy name but hasn't come up with anything better so I think I win. I may have taught the kids to call it that as well. Yep I win.

Our ducks have come back and we feed them a ridiculous amount of bread daily.

The little boys and I have been going for walks of a morning so William has been snoozing it up in the pram. 

Charlie has had a big growth spurt recently. Not in height but in development. Toilet training is in full swing, he has a stack of new words and he can listen understand and remember and explain. He's three on Monday and he's so ready for it.

The dress ups have been re-discovered and everyone is in love again. James tried to put everything on at the same time. He's a woody, workman pirate fireman. Totally works. 

There has even been some interesting battles, pirates and dinosaurs for example. Who would win there? 

So that's us, now were off for a play date, as you do. 

What are you doing this weekend? 

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