Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick Slow Cooking (The Martha Stewart Edition)

This is what I did on Saturday. I felt like Martha freaking Stewart. I've seen a few different idea and methods around and I've pinned some on my boards on Pinterest.

I just chose a few recipes I knew my kids would eat that would freeze well and slow cook well. Spaghetti bolognase, chicken curry, sausage hot pot, moroccan lamb shanks and chicken cacciatore. I added heaps of  extra veg to the recipes so I don't have to do any extra cooking during the week.  I spent an hour chopping the meat and veggies getting the sauces and spices in the freezer bags and we were done. My kitchen clean up wasn't that bad afterwards either considering I wont have any mess to clean up for a week. 

Five dinners ready for the slow cooker. So far we've only had one but this morning I grabbed a bag out of the freezer and chucked it in the slow cooker. Easiest dinner ever. So now instead of spending half of Williams very small nap times getting dinner ready and cooking it everyday, it's already done and I can get other things done like cleaning the outside of my fridge, because obviously I'm turning into Martha freaking Stewart, you got that right? 


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    1. I found it really weird not cooking all week, and actually folded Friday night and made something. I'll be doing it again for sure, saved me so much time and effort. Why didn't we think of this months ago when our babes were tiny?!


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