Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Picnic

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and with Daddy home I quickly made a family plan before he disappeared with the boat for the day.
We hadn't been to the beach for ages, it had been cold wet and we'd had sick kids for ever (well it felt like it) so we packed up the sandcastle stuff some snags and we were off. 

Bubba Will hanging out on the beach

Charlie is really getting the hang of the sandcastle making, kinda.
Michael likes to bury the children. Wierdo.

The water was so flat this little sail boat wasn't going anywhere very quickly

I was obviously not the only one who thought the beach on a Sunday for a picnic was a good idea. Luckily there is loads of tables and enough BBQ's to share. I have so enjoyed winter time and being able to wear layers of clothes and my jeans but I've really missed hanging out by the beach. It's going to be a beachy kind of summer I think.

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  1. Looks like a busy one! Oh yes, I miss the beach terribly. Already making plans for a weekend camping trip at Inskip Point to celebrate the warmer weather. Let me know when it's on its way. ;)


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